Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog: Day two.

     I have been checking out so many blogs the last couple of days. Not that I really have time to do so, however I have been feeling a bit under the weather. I chose to relax and take a couple days of break rather than push myself. We have a lot of activities coming up this weekend that I want to be healthy for!

     So day two has already brought a few changes to my blog.  I am not a tech whiz and i don't claim to be. So, what I am doing is fiddling around with things by trial and error. For instance, I now have tabs on the top of the page!! This is a huge feat for me because I was about to ask for help, but decided to check out the widget for "stand alone pages" were first!  Sure enough, I now have tabs! I have only added a post to the "about me" post so far.  I do have a spot where I will post things about curriculum, recipes, and homeschool in general!

      Also new today is the fact that I figured out how to add "HTML" to my blog! lol.  I wasn't connecting widgets with all of these awesome blogs that I see. I am so glad that I have finally figured this stuff out so that I can have a normal blog! I am excited to make this little spot of my internet into a place where I can share all of my experiences with all of you!

     I did try to join the Hip Homeschool Hop today. However, I am not sure how to do that yet. Unfortunately, it is only available to join on Tuesdays, so my time is limited! I have added the button...then I am suppoed to link up to facebook and twitter, or something. I don't know! Time to do some research or ask my buddy Joy for help!!!

     I hope everyone sticks around and while you are at it....follow me on my family's journey! If you have a google account it is really easy and just hit the "follow me" tab.  I promise that this will not be ALL about one topic. I love many things homeschool, politics, entertainment, current events, marriage, family, traveling....the list goes on and on! That is where my title came from: "Life on the Bend."  I live on a road with the word "bend" in it....Topics that I blog about will be many, but they will all boil down to my life, at home!

Love to you all! Hope my followers from "Happyness" make it over here! Now....I need to figure out how to get on the Hop!


  1. I think you are doing a bang up job here! Awesome blog!! I didn't know you played all those instruments, you should give Grace piano lessons, wink wink, wink, wink. Let me know. :)

  2. Awe Michelle! Thanks! I wish I could do piano lessons, however, I am not very good at all. I'm learning myself and can only play one handed! lol. However, if she wants to learn clarinet anytime, I will gladly volunteer! I have been playing that since I was nine and am pretty good at that one!

  3. Love the new blog! And yes, you linked up right to the Hip Homeschool Moms! :)

  4. Fantastic Joy! Thanks. I'm learning. I used your page SO much the last few days to get mine to look the way I wanted!