About Me

     I am a very blessed wife of my gorgeous prince charming and the mother to a handsome young man and four lovely princesses.  I stay at home with my little blessings and homeschool four of them.  We live on 43 acres of  incredible farmland in Southern Illinois.
     As a family, we strive to live how God wants us to live by using the Bible as our guidebook.  We enjoy having campouts, going on "family walks," playing board games, and our new found hobby, geocaching!
     I grew up in a suburb of Chicago before moving to Southeast Iowa when I was nine years old. I was an only child and loved every minute of it.  I graduated high school early and moved to Southern Illinois shortly after.
     I am a VERY new blogger and really have no idea what I am doing. I chose to just learn as I go. I am looking to share whatever thoughts pop into my head about parenting, homeschool, God, family, books, products, make up, etc.  Just whatever I feel like at the moment.  I already know that it will be mostly our homeschooling journey, so I hope you enjoy my blog and perhaps learn something from our experiences.