Friday, February 10, 2012

Satisfaction with a company, or two, or three....

     Yesterday afternoon, from the comfort of my bed, I purchased everything we will need for our 2012-2013 school year!  It is always fun deciding what we will learn during the next year.  Sometimes, it can be stressful too!  Like after the grand total gets entered, sorting through the mounds of choices, or dealing with the publishers or companies that we deal with the make sure our children receive the best education possible.

    I placed large orders with several different companies yesterday.  Some of those companies were ones that I have used for quite awhile, while others are brand new to us!  It took three hours to make sure that everything was ordered correctly, that I didn't miss anything, etc.  And when I was done, it was a huge relief knowing that it was done! 

     Then the phone calls started rolling in! Uh Oh. 

     Yesterday, in the later afternoon, I received a phone call from Math U See.  The representative was calling to let me know that the email they had on file was sending emails back to them.  They wanted to just touch base with me that my information was correct before shipping out to me.  And yes, recently the email I used for businesses was cut off when we switched ISP's.  I failed to change that. Glad they called. Makes me feel safe knowing that they wanted to be sure that I would get what I had just ordered.

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      The second phone call came from My Father's World.  The gentleman that called me noticed that I ordered a deluxe package of From Creation to the Greeks, but two sets of student sheets from Adventures in My father's World.  He wanted to make sure that I didn't mean to order additional student sheets for Creation to Greeks.  I let him know that I already had the Adventures package and just needed to replace the consumables in that package.  Then he politely, and very respectfully explained how I could combine all the children into the Creation to Greeks year.  I told him that combining them just didn't work for us.  BUT, I was so happy to see that 1) He wanted to make sure that my order was correct and 2) That he took the time out of his schedule to make sure that I understood how the program was designed.  Too bad my kids just didn't work that well together, or else, we definitely would be doing that!

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     Lastly, a new company that we have decided to try this year is called A Reason For...  .  The very nice gentleman called to confirm my order was correct because while he was getting ready to ship, he noticed that I did not order the teacher's manual to the two student handbooks that I ordered. He also explained to me the importance of the TM.   I explained to him that the teacher's handbook was being given to me by a current customer, so I didn't need it.  He said, "It is always nice to hear when homeschoolers are able to help each other save money."  I told him that we were very excited to give A Reason For a chance at spelling and handwriting and that their products really made me excited! He was very responsive to the compliment, and talked about the programs they offered.  I could tell that he knew what he was talking about and that he thoroughly enjoyed his job. 

A Reason For.....check it out!

    So much of the time, I don't know about you, but I find myself complaining about customer service at businesses.  Sometimes, I get the feeling like they forget who they work for ~  THE CUSTOMER!   I felt that it was important to share GOOD experiences with a business, and not just the bad!  I hope you will check out these businesses and support them with the knowledge that they truly care about what our needs are!


  1. Yep, we need to publicly compliment good customer service when we receive it. It'll encourage the good companies to keep up the good work...and the - um - "others" to reconsider their tactics/policies. :^)

  2. I just realized I am not following your blog, what the heck? I am now:-) I love your hodgepodge of awesomeness!!!