Thursday, March 10, 2011

The week that flew by....

While I was stuck in bed sick.

     We had such a HUGE successful school week last week how dare I think we could possibly have two weeks in a row?  I have spent the last few days struggling to breath due to a horrible cold.  Usually a cold would not put me out, but this one certainly did!
     I am feeling much better today. Not 100%, but I will be soon. I hope.

     I don't like not getting any school done whatsoever.  However, having the flexibility to take a sick day, or week here or there is nice! =)  I just don't like it because it completely messes up our groove. If we have one. I am not sure we really do.

     Nothing exciting has really happened. I am another year older. I can't tell you how excited about that I am.  Haven't gone anywhere or done anything cool that I can think of.  My kids are still adorable and my husband still rocks. 

     I do have another book review coming up in the near future as well as another beauty product review.  Maybe even a curriculum one too! I have all these ideas floating around it is time to get them down soon!


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