Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: Heaven is for Real

     Heaven in for Real by Todd Burpo (W/ Lynn Vincent) is amazing book and a must read! 

     This book is about a Nebraska family, specifically a four year old named Colton, his parents, and his older sister.  This family had quite a year between the dad's health and then the sudden illness of Colton.  The journey starts off with Colton getting sick and needing surgery. There was really little hope for his survival at one point. However, he recovered beautifully.  Through the next several years, Colton made references to what he saw while he was laying on the operating table! He saw what his dad was doing, what his mom was doing, as well as the doctors operating on him.  He saw amazing things in heaven that from what I can tell is a very accurate portrayal as to what heaven will be like according to the Scriptures.  There are many, many things that little Colton revealed to his mom and dad that no four year old would know about the Bible, as well as knowing about a baby that was miscarried!

     If you have questions about death and what happens. Read this book.  If you need encouragement. Read this book.  If you just want to read a warm, lighthearted, delightful story of a young boy that experienced something that we can only dream of, you will want to read this book!

     I am so thankful to have been able to borrow this little yellow book. I am currently trying to get through a very difficult book that is going completely over my head concerning death and the end of times. This book was just as sweet and as cute as can be, but still carried a powerful, easy to understand message that we ALL can follow.  If you have a couple hours to spare some night, seriously, you will pick it up and not be able to put it down.

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