Thursday, January 27, 2011

I tried a new mascara.

     Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE make up, perfumes, body mists, lotions, etc. Who doesn't want to feel pretty?  I don't wear make up around the house.  It is unlikely you will ever see me out of the house without it. A few of you have been fortunate. ha!

     I thought it might be kind of fun to do a make up review on the blog too. I'm always trying new stuff because the make up industry is always improving!  I want you to add your reviews too! If you have tried what I have used....give me your opinion too!

    So what am I using right now that I just LOVE?    L'oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator.
I use the green shade of this mascara because I have green eyes. While black or brown is fine, I like to wear shades of color to bring out my eye color more. The eye immuminator is not, by any means a new concept as Cover Girl and Almay both have products that claim to make eye color pop out. However, what I like so much about this product is the second step in the application.  On the other end of the wand is a small, spikey ball. When you apply the second coat it adds a golden shimmer to the lashes. Although it isn't all that noticeable to most I wear it, I can certainly see the golden shimmers when my eyes hit the light. Awesome!

      The bad part about what L'oreal has done to this product is taken away the primer step which created the sense of full and thick lashes. The illuminator adds a unique color and definitely adds a curl to the lashes but does not create a thicker set of lashes like the original formula.

     So, if you have a good set of lashes and don't need to extend of thicken your lashes, I would recommend this mascara...especially if you aren't scared of a little color!  I have always used Almay mascara either in emerald green or raisin quartz. Both work fabulous...I just like the golden shimmer that this one has to offer.

    If you are a strict brown or black mascara user....try using a color shade sometime! The difference it makes in your eye color is amazing, especially if your eyes are rather dull like mine.

     Hope you all have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading!

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