Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is on first?

      I don't know about any of you, but we are usually on the go, busy, always doing something. Plans come up, mishaps happen.  That's life in the busy 21st century.  So, when you stand before God at the gates of heaven, what are you going to tell Him if he asks you, "Where have you been?"

     As a parent, trying to teach my five darlings to put God first in their lives isn't always easy.  My children have things they want to do on Wednesday nights when there is Bible study. They wait until the last minute of the weekend to finally mention they have a big assignment due Monday morning, just like many kids. My kids are involved in activities out in the community that may involve their daily participation.  My daughter gets invited to Saturday night sleepovers with her school friends.   It truly is hard to say, "No" sometimes. But, we are teaching them to put God first in their lives.

     See, if things keep "popping" up, eventually it just gets to be a habit to skip Bible study, to skip private prayer time, to not open your Bible during the week, to miss church, to forget about fellowship.  Pretty soon, as you let more and more things interfere with God's time, there won't be enough time left. If there is some left, it will just be a "habit" and not a true relationship with God.

     Remember the Proverb (22:6) that says, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it."   It is our parental responsibility to raise our children to love God, to obey Him, and to put Him first!  A dear homeschool, facebook friend of mine shared this take on Proverbs 22:6 a week ago and it really made me think~ " To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while."

    That made me think about what sorts of things I put before God. Do I miss out on Bible times or times of prayer because I am doing something pointless? Facebook? A game on my phone? Texting someone? Watching a TV show? What about you? 

    How can we expect our children to love God and put Him as a top priority when we as parents don't lead by example? The answer is easy~ We can't. 

    When we are standing before God will it matter how good of a gymnast we are? A clarinet player? A ball player?  Does that mean that God doesn't want us to have fun? No way!  Of course God wants us to have fun!! Who do you think gave us those talents?  However, he doesn't want us to forget about Him just because we have those talents and abilities! 

    As we approach summer, and all the fun things that go along with that, consider the time, or lack there of, that you spend with God. Can you make time for Him, after all look what He did for you and I. Is He really asking that much from us?  


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