Friday, February 4, 2011

Week in Review

Sick, sick, and more sick!

     This week has been nothing more than us sickos sitting around the house! We have now missed a total of ten days of school because at least one of us has been down everyday. So not good!
     Dylan was by far the worst with a low grade fever, chills, aches, and pains. Alena, myself, and Dylan are still congested. I have had a sore throat for going on three weeks. Very frustrating.  We seem to be feeling much better and actually started cleaning this morning! I was a germ killing momma today! Hope I got enough done. I started feeling a bit tired this afternoon and thought it best to rest.  Guess I will get back to it in a little bit.

     My mother in law has been in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for the last week working with a medical team with The Forgotten Children Ministry. This was her second mission in the last year and she loves it so much.  It was fabulous to hear that the boys seemed to remember her and another lady that went from our church.  If you have ever wanted to sponsor a child and not trust the organization...please consider sponsoring through this ministry.  They are real, they are honest, and they are doing a great work in the name of our God down in Honduras! Check out this link:

Here is my mother in law and one of the little people she met while on her mission:

     Before we all got a bug, we were able to go to an AMAZING concert~ Winter Blast 2011! This was a one night thing, with FIVE bands! 
Epic No Less
Kerrie Roberts
Jason Grey
33 Miles
AND...Building 429!

We had an amazing night with our friends the Elliotts and the Barnetts! It is always fun to hang out with friends! Here is a picture of  Building 429 on stage...

Hmmm, wonder why that came in so small. Ugh.

Anyway, we were going to go see Eddie James Minsitries this past Tuesday, however, we were much too ill to go and the weather got a bit ugly. We were not hit with a bunch of snow and ice like most places in the midwest, but we were right on the line and it was hard to tell what actually was going to happen. We have another opportunity to go hear Eddie's message and worship with other believers on February 17. I am so excited! Have you ever heard of Eddie James? Here is a video:

Our power went out that same night too. Never fun to live without power~ in the freezing cold! We stayed with my father in law next door. He had a kerosene heater going to keep us warm! Turns out, there was a car accident a couple towns over that knocked a pole down causing our power outage. hope they were OK!

That pretty much sums up my week...except "A Voice for Jordon." I may work on a post about that this weekend....for now, this is it. Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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