Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing Much to Speak of...

     Just when I though my family was finally 100% completely healthy, Amanda wakes up this past Sunday morning with a fever. Obviously, we stayed home from church that morning. We also missed the youth fundraiser Valentine's Banquet. However, when the rest of the family came home, I was greeted with a dozen beautiful yellow roses (my favorite color), a teddy bear with chocolates, a remarkable "cherry jubilee," a delicious chocolate pie, and a card with two gift cards in it from my secret sister! Can't beat that?

     Certainly not the gift Alena game me overnight in the form of vomit.

     Nor the one Hannah just gave in the same form.

Oh my, yes, Hannah, Manda, and Alena are under the weather. I must say, Alena has acted just fine and has shown no other sign of being sick other than runny stuff out of both ends. Yeah...too graphic. Anyway....

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