Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Review....

     What a week!  I hope that your week was more productive than mine!  When I am feeling yucky it is hard to get motivated to do anything really! What are some ways you keep going when you aren't feeling up to par?

     I wasn't really sick~ just a sore throat that will not go away. One day last week, my blood sugar was acting up. Another day, I was completely congested. Then another day I was just not feeling great...not myself.  Just a bad week. We had many activities to keep us going though....sort of.

     We did make it to writing class though which was a plus. Due to all the illness spreading around, we haven't been in awhile. While it was good to get back to class, I am thinking one more week of no class might not have been a bad idea.

     Friday we had a field trip planned to go see a science type theater show called Mr. Molecule down in Paducah Kentucky. Paducah is a great town with a "big" feel to it. It is also about 50 miles away which isn't too far really.  So, I load up all the kids in the van, we stopped to get drinks and headed down I57.  I actually gave myself plenty of time to get down there....but, 45 minutes later we weren't anywhere close. By this point, I stepped on it a bit....until I saw the river bridge. Ah! Finally, we would be a few minutes late, but at least the end was in sight. I looked at the bridge towering over the trees and thought to myself that this really didn't look like the right bridge...then I saw the "Mississippi River" sign...that really had the gears turning because I was positive that when crossing over into Kentucky that I was supposed to go over the Ohio River. UGH!!! "WELCOME to Missouri!"  Oh my word!  Yes, I took the wrong interstate to go to Paducah, Kentucky and ended up in Missouri, 50 miles or so from where I needed to be. Ugh.
     We made a field trip our of what we could and toured areas of Southern Illinois that we had never even heard of. Urbandale, Future City?  Yeah...interesting.

     Saturday started off with a bang....a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! We had rehearsal. We found out that Dylan has been cast in the adult ensemble...therefore he needs yet ANOTHER costume! The three girls will have three costume changes and our boy will have four.  Dylan will also be in all four shows. Poor kid just wanted to be a wallflower so he can learn about stage direction and how a musical is put together. I guess he will learn! If you want tickets for the show....SEE Jessie or Jill!

     Then it was off to a little girl's birthday party! Whoeee there were a lot of people there! The kids had a good time and I am pretty sure birthday girl Hannah Rose did too! My mind was focused elsewhere though....I really wanted to get to Winter Blast!!

     Winter Blast 2011 was a concert put on by our local Christian station...WBVN. Wow. Epic No Less, Jason Gray, Kerrie Roberts, 33 Miles, and Building 429! Oh yeah...It was an amazing night with friends and with God! Wow.  I think it is so awesome that my kids and Michael and I can listen to the same music, go to the same concert, and actually like it and have a blast!  The music was great, the company was great too. Another cool thing that happened was I got a message on my facebook that said, "If you are sitting in the thrid row on the balcony, turn around."  Ohhhh, weird! was my facebook friend Cindy, that I had never met!! We actually got to meet and so it was REALLY cool! Although we didn't get to talk too much because it was rather loud. 
      Church was fantastic too. I really love my Sunday School kids! PLUS, today was the first day that I taught Kids Own Worship with the new books. Me, being the skeptic that I am thought the kids would not do the books very good. I was wrong and the books were great!  We had some great discussion, even though my voice was a bit raspy because of all the shouting last night at the concert! lol.

     My mother in law is once again in Honduars working with the Forgotten Children Ministries. I would absolutely love it is you would take a look at what FCM does! Here is a link to their website:   
     Please keep my mother in law the others in her missions team, including another church member, Cheryl Ritter, in your prayers! Also, pray for Richie and Lori Womack as they lead the team on the streets of Tegucigalpa as well as the boys and the girls that they are ministering to! It is an amazing ministry...hope you will consider donating or sponsoring!

     Overall, a pretty uneventful week....with a few days of exciting activity! lol. Back to school tomorrow...please pray that my family does not catch the flu that is going around! We have been exposed twice far so good. However, it seems to have a week incubation period. ugh. lol. 

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